Throughtout his career, Venom has wrestled mainly in the Orient, beating the shit out of a lot of Japanese motherfuckers like Onita, the King of Hardcore. Well, since we don't give a flying FUCK about what Venom did in Japan, we're only going to tell you about the shit that he has done in North America.


-Brass Knuckle Champion

-World Champion

Venom had a good stint in the now defucnt Hardcore fed the NIWF. Throughout his tenure in this fed, Venom competed almost every fucking night in some garbage ass matches, nearly killing himself, thus leading to the nickname "The Extreme SuperStar", though I call him the Extreme Buttfuckin' Bitch. Some highlights: Venom wins the World Title in a "House Match". That match was sadistic. Venom had to battle an idiot by the name of "Killa" in a Mansion. Venom was tossed through a window and plunged two stories to the ground, but the dumb fuck still got up, went back in the house, and proceeded to beat the living dogshit out of killa, Ending the match by piledriving the stupid fuck in a bathtub.


-3x World Heavyweight Champion

1st ever HFWA Intercontinental Champion

Another hardcore Fed, but with loads better talent and less stupid gimmick matches. Venom beat the shit out of everyone in this fed, and took the World Title in a matter of 2 months. He was the 1st ever HFWA IC Champ. This fed died basically.


This was where Venom got his mainstream start. He made some noise in this fed by talking a lot of shit. But he really turned heads when he cracked Ruger "I suck" Ice's head open with a sick ass lead pipe, and then he set Prodigy on fire. Venom proved he was a real sick mother fucker in that fed. This fed folded as well. Notice a trend here?


Venom made a lot of noise in this fed to, by taking on all comers and kicking their fucking asses. Venom's best match in this fed was against the great Jeff Bunda, but Venom got beaten in a close match up. This fed died too. Ho hum.


-TV Champion

-SLammy Award Winner

BINGO! Venom finally hits the fucking big time. He came in, made it known that he would kick some ass, and he fuckin did! He beat all comers, and sustaining few losses. He won a slammy award, got his own show, and is the current TV Champion. He holds the longest record for holding the title as well. Who knows When Venom will take the BIG PRIZE? Some key victories were against: Stevie Richards, Erik Draven, and Thorne Richards.