This is the beginning of a fan fic series by my friend, Impulsefan! He's only 13, but he can write damn good. Have fun!

Cut To The Quick

Barber's: (Cutting at Bart's hair)

Bart Allen: (Fidgeting in the barber's chair)

Barber: Could you please stop bouncing young man?

Bart: (Stops bouncing. Starts bouncing again)

Barber: (Lowers his shaver. Cuts off a big piece of Bart's hair. Starts
shortening his hair.    
Turns Bart's chair around)

Bart: (Smiling. Looks in the mirror. Shocked by his short hair. Makes a
scared look at 

the of his flat top)

Barber: (To Bart) Ah, there we go

Bart: (Extremely scared) 

Barber: There you go.

Bart: (Walks away with a blank face)

Max Crandall: (Walks into the Barber's office. To Bart) All right ready
(Shocked at 

Bart's short hair. Laughs) hahahah!

Bart: (Angry) Let's just go. (Walks past Max to the door)

Max: (Turns around) Where?

Bart: Hat shopping.


Helen Claiborne: (To Bart) What's that on your head?

Bart: (Walks by)

Helen: (Sees his hair) Oh, sorry.

Bart: (Stomps off to his bedroom)


Bart: (Lifts his head of his bed. The pillows fly off his head) … (Runs
around his room 

searching for a hat. Runs out of the house. Runs to France. Tries on a
Puts it back. Runs to Texas. Tries on a cowboy hat. Puts it back. Runs
Disneyland. Tries on the mouse ears. Puts them back. Runs away. Runs to
door with a sombrero on)
Max: (Takes the sombrero hat of Bart's head) Hola amigo! Why are you


Bart: (Thinks. Shrugs) Dress-up day?

Max: (Shakes his head)

Bart: (Complaining) I look like I'm going boot camp with this hair.

Helen: I think you look, (Thinks) good.

Max: Hurry up Bart, you don't want to be…

Bart: (Runs out the door)

Bart: (Runs back in the house. Takes his sombrero off)

Max: (Crosses his arms. Shakes his head and chuckles)

Manchester Jr. High; part 1: The Beginning

Bart: (Walking down the hall)
Girl: (Runs up to Bart) Hey Bart I was wondering if you…(Looks at his
um, (Looks at her watch) …look at the time. (Walks away)
Bart: (Puts his head down)
Kid #1: (In the background) Wow, check out Bart!
Kid #2: (In the background) He must've tripped in a blender.
Kid #3: (In the background) He's a porcupine.
Kid #4: (In the background) Must be a mid-life crisis.
Kid #5: (In the background) How could it be a mid-life crisis, wease.
Kid #6: (In the background) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Preston: (Runs up to Bart) Hey man what's…(Looks at Bart's hair) …eek!
Bart: Zip it on the insults Preston.
Preston: Sorry. You got to admit…
Bart: (Gives Preston a dirty look)
Preston: (Nervous) …it's attractive.
Bart: (Takes a hat out of his backpack. Puts it on)
Later in History; part 2: The Laughter
Class: (Talking)
Kid #7: (Throws a paper airplane)
Prof. Snodgrass: (Writing something on the chalkboard. Paper airplane
him in the back of the head. Turns around. Angry)
Class: (Stops talking)
Bart: (Drumming his fingers on his desk)
Prof. Snodgrass: Mr. Allen!
Bart: (Looks up scared)
Prof. Snodgrass: Have you forgotten that there is a no hat rule?
Bart: Well…um…no, not really.
Prof. Snodgrass: (Walks up to Bart. Grabs for his baseball hat)
Bart: (Puts his hands up)
Prof. Snodgrass: (Takes his hat)
Bart: (Nervous)
Class & Prof. Snodgrass: (Look at Bart's hair. Pause. Laugh)
Prof. Snodgrass: (Laughing) That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever
Bart: (Imagines Prof. Snodgrass with an afro)
P.E.; part 3: The Humility
Carol, Preston, & Bart: (Running together)
Carol: Well I like it.
Impulse: (Surprised) You do.
Carol: Well… No.
Bart: (Looks sad)
Carol: It just makes you're feet look so big.
Bart: (Imagines himself dressed up as a clown wearing big clown shoes.
Offended) My feet aren't that big. (Trips and falls on the ground) Bad
Part 3: The Resolution
Carol: (Runs up to Bart) Hey Bart…

Bart: (Turns around)

Carol: …I had the best idea for your hair problem.

Bart: I'm not going to where a wig.

Carol: No it's different…

Bart: I'm listening.

Part 4: The Slug/Max

Bart: (Running all around Max) Please.

Max: No.

Bart: Please.

Max: No.

Bart: Pleeeeeeeeeeeasse.

Max: (Annoyed) No.

Bart: Why not?

Max: Because if you used your hyper-metabolism, tomorrow at school

wonder how your hair grew out so fast.

Bart: I'll tell that my short hair was a wig.

Max: No.

Bart: Why?

Max: Because no one would wear a wig that idiotic. Now don't you have a
due in 


Bart: (Annoyed) Yes. (Walks in his room)

Max: Bart wait.

Bart: (Runs to him at super speed) Are ya gonna let me grow my hair out.

Max: No. Smile. (Takes a confused picture of Bart with his camera)

Bart: (Eyes are small cause of the flash) ?

Max: Now you can finish your story.

Bart: (Trudges off to his room)

Max: (Chuckles)


Flash: (Arms are shown on the panel holding the picture of Bart with his
flattop. Laughs out loud) hahahah!