This is a story written by Impulsefan. his email addy is on the bottom of the page, so email him and tell him what ya think of his story. Well, Enjoy!

Kids These Days, Part 1: Virtual Disaster

Narrator: Bart Allen. (A.k.a. Impulse) A super speedster from the 30th
century. Two 

weeks ago Bart was worrying about his haircut…

Two weeks ago:

Bart: (Sitting there with a flattop looking upset)

Present time:

Narrator: …now it's the Space Pig arcade competition.

(Doorbell rings)

Helen: Bart! Preston's here!

Bart: (Runs down the stairs. Opens up the door)

Max: Bart, invite Preston in.

Bart: Oh yeah do you want…

Preston: (Shoves a magazine in Bart's face)

Bart: (Grabs the magazine. Reads it)

Magazine: Space Pig's Championship Saturday!!!!!

Preston: The winner wins a new Virtual Enhancer 4000

Bart: (Smile spreads across his face) Coooooll!!! Letsgopractice! C'mon

c'mon. (Runs past Preston. Grabs Preston's arm)

Helen: (Steps into the doorway. Concerned) Come home before dark!


Bart & Preston: (Playing Space Pig's)

Carol: Don't you think you guys have had enough?

Bart & Preston: (Look at each other. Laugh)

Carol: (Shakes her head)

Drexler: (To a short little kid) Hey dweeb, gimme ya quarters now.

Bart: (To Preston) Who's that bozo?

Preston: That's Acne Anthon…

Bart: Not him. The tall kid.

Preston: Oh! That's Drexler. 

Carol: Since when did they crown him.

Bart: (Thinks of someone hitting him with a crown. Smiles)

Preston: You don't want to get on his bad side.

Bart: By the looks of his face, all of his sides look bad.

Carol: That's not right.

Bart: And I'm gonna fix it. (Is about to walk off)

Preston: You know his dad owns this whole arcade. Mess with him and
you'll be

banned for life.

Bart: (Stops. Thinks about a big sign in front of the arcade with
face circled 

and with a slash through it) 

Narrator: Bart has a weakness in many things… The thought of having to

with max instead of virtual simulations is one of them.

Bart: Well maybe I'll wait just a little bit.

Carol: (Gives him a dirty look)

Bart: (Gives a nervous smile)

Walking home:

Narrator: As you can tell Bart is as impulsive as his name. He usually

thinking go to Carol. For instance…

Carol: Didn't you're "Uncle" say you can't join in any arcade

denied Bart to play megadeamon in Impulse #29- Gary Miles

Bart: Well, um, yeah but this is different.

Carol: And how is that?

Bart: Well this time I'm not going to tell him.

Carol: And you suspect he won't find out.

Bart: (Thinks of himself walking through the door with this big trophy
Max's all 

bug-eyed. Faking to be not worried) Not at all.

Preston: I don't know Bart. You're Uncle's a pretty smart guy.

Bart: (Imagines Max dressed up as one of the three wise men riding a

to himself) He's old enough.

Preston: Want to go rent some more games.

Bart: (Excited) Definitely!

Carol: More?!

Bart: (Imagines Carol with a dunce hat on)

Video Store:

Preston: Carol would you please grab the game for us. I have to keep my

perfect condition.

Carol: Oh give me a break.

Bart: (To Carol) Someday you'll appreciate us practicing video games.

Narrator: When Bart gets involved in something he puts his whole brain

Carol: And when will this be?

Bart: (Imagines Carol standing behind Impulse scared has he battles a

Max's head on it away) When I save you from an evil villain like,


Narrator: He's still half a brain short.

Preston: Poor ol' Bart, thinks he's Impulse.

Bart: (Imagines both Carol and Preston hitting heads with their dunce

Bart: (Walks through the door)
Max: (Looking at his newspaper) So what did you do at the mall today?
Bart: (Imagines Max taking his trophy away) -?- Well we where buying a
present for, um, Professor Snodgrass.
Max: And how many birthdays does Professor Snodgrass have in a year.
Bart: (Counts on his fingers)
Max: He has one Bart. Only one. But from the looks of it, he has a
every time you come home from the mall.
Bart: Well we don't wanna look like we forgot his birthday.
Max: You've been playing video games haven't you.
Bart: (Puts his head down) Yes. But I really want to play and I won't
use my
super speed.
Max: Prove it. (Hands him a pad of paper and a pencil) 
Bart: (Takes the pad of paper and the pencil)
Max: Write.
Bart: (Starts to write. Concentrates. Bites his lip) ARRAGH! (Brakes the
pencil in half)
Max: Told ya.
Bart: (Imagines a tourist site with a sign saying the world's biggest
ego and
Max standing there with an oversized head) Well, what if I practice
Helen Claiborne: (Walks in)
Bart: Pleeeeeeaasse!
Helen: Please what?
Max: Bart wants to enter another video game competition.
Helen: Again?
Max: I know, he's almost inhuman.
Helen: No, I mean you're not letting him compete again.
Max: Me? (Points to himself)
Helen: Yes you.
Bart: (Imagines Helen stepping on top of the slain Max headed dragon.

Max: (Annoyed) Fine Bart. You can compete…
Bart: (Happy) Yes!
Max: As long as you practice.
Bart: Whoo-hoo!! (Runs off at super-speed)
Max: Mm-hmm.
Bart: I know. I was just kidding
Max: (Shakes his head)
Announcer: (Man in tuxedo steps onto the stage) heeell-o boys and girls.
Bart: (Whispering to Carol) Doesn't this guy look familiar?
Carol: He looks a lot… oh my god, it's Mr. Sheridan.
Bart & Preston: (Give surprised looks)
Mr. Sheridan/ Announcer: Okay will the six contestants come up here.
Bart, Drexler, Preston, and three other kids: (Walk onto the stage.
Walk to
their controllers)
Announcer: (Blows his whistle)
Bart: (Moving his joystick fastly. Sticking his tongue out in
Two contestants: (Lose and walk off the stage)
Announcer: Oh, only four left.
One contestant: (Loses. Walks off the stage)
Announcer: Only three more left.
Drexler: (Whispers to two kids) Okay now.
Two kids: (Cut some wire back stage)
Bart: (Moves his controller. Gets frustrated) Hey!!!!! It's not
working. My
controller's not working! (Quickly runs at super-speed and fixes the two
wires back together)
Two kids: What?!
Bart: (Runs back to his controller)
Contestant: (Looks at Bart suspiciously) 
Drexler: (Thinking to himself) What?! His controller should've been
dead by
now! (To the two kids) Plan B!
One of the two kids: (Flicks a light switch. The lights go off)
(The lights turn back on and the Virtual Enhancer 4000 is gone)
Contestant: (Angry) The 'Enhancer's gone! (Takes off his sweat shirt
and is
wearing a green shirt with wires on them. He has two gloves on. Shoots
electric bolts around the room)
Bart: (Runs to the kid)
Contestant: (Grabs Bart's hand and throws him into Drexler)
Bart: (To Carol) I can't turn into Impulse.
Carol: Sure you can. Just run behind the curtains.
Bart: No, I mean I can't. He took my costume ring!
Carol: (Gives a scared look)
Strange kid/ Contestant: (Looks at the ring. Impulse costume forms
him) Hahahaha!