Here's some news for you stupid bitches ass motherfuckers and you butch bitches about THE EXTREME SUPERSTAR:

-Well, thanks to a lovely screw job, Venom lost hos sacred TV TItle which he probably masturbated on several times because he was so happy to get it. Congrats to Edge for beating that stupid son of a bitch!!

--Venom has been hitting the gym everynight for the past two weeks or so, since he won the number one contender match. He's been working real hard to get that World Heavyweight Title, which he will wrestle for at November 2 Remember. Personally, we here at the Poison Pit hope Venom's limbs get seperated from his body and scattered somewhere. Good luck at winning, Venom, you piece of shit!

--This Sunday Venom has a special poison pit interview with some special wrestler making his way back into the EWA. We don't know who it is, and frankly, we don't give a shit. We just hope someone darts Venom through that window and he somehow dies of glass in his trachea!

--Well Venom was on the road this week, here's a report:

--Venom had a run in with the law. After a house show in Cleveland, that Extreme Faggot went out egging cars, in the true spirit of Halloween(It is Venom's favorite Holiday, hell, he is runmored to be Satan incarnate.). Anyway, the Extreme Dildo egged a cop car and barely escaped with his freedom intact. Venom framed some common street kids, and they got arrested for it. Way to go Venom, model citizen.

--Venom ran into the cops again, when he was caught trying to pay for sex from two hookers in New York. Luckily, Venom bribed the cops with beer, glazed donuts, and free tickets to a House show. Venom reportedly was also forced to pay each of the hookers to have oral sex with the police men. Hey you fucking pigs of the NYPD, next time Venom is in town, arrest him and lock him up. Hopefully then he will be quickly raped up the ass and then traded between all of the gay prisoners for razor blades, candy, and boxes of cigarettes.

--It seems that this was a big legal week for Venom. Someone broke into Venom's nice New Jersey mansion and stole one of Venom's boots, his expensive shades, and 700 dollars worth of porno paraphenalia. It was reported that the robber had a stilletto knife with him, too bad he didn't find Venom and poke him full of holes.

--Venom spent a total of $1000 bucks on booze and bitches again this week.

--Venom spent maxed out his credit card buying dirty movies.

--Venom paid his bookie, so the big Italian guys were called off(fuck!!). Fortunatly, Venom lost a ton of cash betting on the 49ers and the Vikings this weekend, and hasn't paid up yet. This time the bookie sent out two huge Italians and one Samoan guy in a suit named Afu Tatu, and from what we hear he likes to work over his victims with tire irons. Yippee!!!

--Venom reportedly video taped Duane Gates getting various metal and rubber objects inserted into his Anus by his secretary last week. The tape will be on sale next week on this site, so get it while ya can!

--Venom keyed Duane Gates' honda after being tossed out of the EWA building for a record 45th time.

--Venom was chased down the street last week by a pack of brick throwing overweight women. We don't know why, but apparently they cornered him and attempted beat, rob, and rape the Extreme one. Venom, using his brilliance, threw a twinkie at one of the women, and the other fat slobs, smelling the scent of the twinkie, chased the other woman, who was trying to engulf the twinkie. See you next update motherfuckers!