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Hi! Welcome to one of the only pages on the web dedicated to the my favorite Comic Book character, Bart Allen, a.k.a Impulse! I looked for a long time, but I couldn't find one person with a page soley dedicated to Impulse. So, I said "Hey, why not get off my butt and make one! So, HERE IT IS!

ATTENTION: The Impulse Shrine has begun to undergo it's NEW RENOVATION! Yes, there will be a new impressive look to the Impulse Shrine, and it shall be probably be up and running at the end of June. So, until I finish the new Impulse Shrine, the shrine up and running now will be updated sparingly. But, for news and other info that may pretain to Impulse, check the links section. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATED 5/30/98

Sections in the SHRINE

Impulse Bio
This is where you can find all of Bart's Info and info about his family
Impulse Image Page
Pics of the man himself!
Summaries of Impulse 1-whatever issue it's up to!
SPEEDY Links to get where you wanna go
The Impulse Fan Fiction Archive
NEW! The place for IMPULSE FAN FICTION!!!!!
Check out what's happening this month in Impulse
This is THE place to go to post Impulse or comic related messages!!
The JLA Junior Section!(coming soon)
Coming soon-come here to see all about the JLA Junior, featuring Impulse and Superboy!
Impulsive NEWS *new*
This is the place to find Impulse related news
The Impulsive Reaction Page *New*
This is where you can submit your opinions and be heard, monthly!
Message from the Maintainer of the Impulse SHRINE
Click here to read what the Maintainer of the Shrine has to say

All Wannabee speedsters have hit this shrine times.

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