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Welcome to the Impulse Shrine's Impulse Fan Fiction Archive! This will be a place that displays Impulse and Impulse related Fan Fiction! It is open to all fan fic writers, so if you want your pieces displayed here, just email me them and I'll post it here and give you FULL and Total credit. I hate when people copy ideas! Okay, here's the submission Guidelines:

1. Stories must be Impulse related, say you can write a story about Max Mercury, that's cool, or you can write a story about Impulse and the Flash, or Impulse and another hero, but say a story about The flash by himself is not acceptable! GET IT??!? GOT IT!??! GOOD!

2. All Stories are judged by me if they are acceptable to post. That includes my rating system: PG- all audiences, PG-13-May include choice language and violence. Those are the only ratings I allow, because since Impulse is an all ages comic, this will be an all ages website. So that means No stories like about Bart having sex with Carol or things like . I don't like censorship, I oppose it greatly, but this is an IMPULSE website, and I want all Impulse fans to enjoy it, from the 10 year olds to the 30 year old guys who read and love this book. By the way, I'm 18, but that has nuthin to do with it! Now, for the violence level, I'm very loose on it, but lets not have stories where Bart decapitates someone or things like that, lets keep the violence, if there's much, to the level you would see on the Batman/Superman Adventures.

3. Language. Once again, this site is open to ALL, so if you use cussing in a story, PG-13 words only, like the D word, the H word, or the A word. We don't want the S, F, or B word in a story, little ones could be reading.

4. The last guideline is is that I judge to see if the story is WORTH posting, I'm not looking for Eisner Award stuff, Lord Knows I don't write stuff that good(but I will one day), but lets not see any crappy boring stories, or stories I already read in an issue of Impulse.

That's that, so enjoy the pieces below! And send them stories in, lets make Impulse Fan Fiction something HUGE!

Impulsive Fan Fics!

Cut To The Quick(PG)
By Impulsefan
All In the Game(PG)
By David J. Warner
Kids These Days Trilogy

Kids These Days: Part 1, Virtual Disaster(PG)
By Impulsefan
Kids These Days: Part 2, VR in The ER(PG)
By Impulsefan
Kids These Days: Part 3 Electro Therapy(PG)*NEW!!!*
By Impulsefan
Impulse: Triple Trouble! Series

Impulse: Triple Trouble!(PG-13, mild violence) Episode 1
by Shaun Barrow(site creator)
Impulse: Triple Trouble! (PG) Episode 2
by Shaun Barrow

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