The Boy, The Myth, The Legend....or something like that

Bart's Personal Stats

Real Name: Bart Allen Group Affiliation: None Origin: The Earth, 1000 years in the future First appearance: Flash#92 (2nd series)

Known Relatives:

•Barry(deceased) and Iris Allen (grandparents) •Don Allen (father, deceased)• Meloni Thawne(mother) Dawn Allen (aunt, deceased) •Wally West (cousin)• Max Mercury Crandle(legal guardian)•XS(cousin)•


Grandson to Barry Allen (The 2ND Flash) after he and and his wife travelled to the 30th century, Bart inherited a mega-metabolic activity along with his(Barry's) super-velocity. That meant that his body grew at a rapid speed, looking like a 12 year old boy while he was only 2. The only way of keeping his mind in tune with his abnormal growth was to attach him to a virtual reality machine, where he created his own world of fantasy and lived in it, stopping him at:

Chrono age :2 years old

Virtual age :19 years old

Physical age : 8 years old

Mental age: 14 years old

Some time later, EarthGov took Bart away from the machine, and Bart would have died as an old man, if not for his grandmother, who took him with her to the20thcentury, leaving him with Wally West , the current Flash. Wally taught him how to control his powers, slowing his growth, learning to vibe through solid objects, running on different surfaces, you know, all things that a Flash does. Wally believed that he was going to die(see the acclaimed series in the Flash, Terminal Velocity) and wanted Bart to be the new Flash, but as he survived, Bart had to look for a place to live, receiving a new identity and going off to Manchester, Alabama to live a "normal life" and be taught to use his powers by Max Mercury.

Pretending to be his uncle, Max tried to get a normal life for the kid, but though Bart thinks that life in Manchester, Alabama, is tooooooo slow for him.

Bart is now attending the Manchester High School and trying to integrate there, for, although his mind is that of a 14 year old boy, living all your life into a virtual world doesn't give you a very precise picture of real life. The most dangerous thing for him is having no sense of risk, since every time he died in his virtual world, he could start again, and so, his behaviour is giving Max many headaches.

Bart's Friends and Allies:

Carol(school friend and can be said is Bart's best friend)•Preston(good friend of Bart's)•Rolly(kid who Bart became friends with after Bart saved his life)•Vice Principle Sheridan(Bart's cool and hip Principle)•Dr. Helen Claiborne(Max Mercury's long lost 40yr. old daughter*don't ask*)•Robin(yes, ROBIN, Bart met Batman's sidekick in Robin Plus#1, and together they also saved the world. They made a great team, like they're older counterparts, Nightwing and Flash)•Legion of Super-Heroes(some of them who Bart met and "had fun" with. Closest to his Cousin XS and Brainiac 5)•Jesse Quick(Bart's buddy and one time Babysitter in Impulse#22)•Jay Garrick(The first Flash, seems to like Bart and Bart seems to like him)•Superman(Yes, Bart and Big Blue had an adventure together in Adv. of Superman no.533)•Superboy(they raced each other in Superboy and the Ravers......guess who won:0)•

Enemies• Bart had encountered a couple of superpowered foes, and here they are, in no particular order: •Kobra, Savitar, BlockBuster, White Lightening, some corny ass guy in Impulse#7, the Trickster, and soon to be Dr. Morlo. Bart has faced many other normal criminals as well, but these are the villians that stand out.


-The only people who know who Bart is Impulse are as follows: Max Mercury, Iris Allen, Wally West(Flash), Carol, Dr. Clairborne, Robin, Meloni Thawn, XS, Linda Park(Flash's Woman)

-It can be presumed that Bart is the 2nd Fastest Speedster in the world next to Wally, due to Bart inheriting the Speed of Barry Allen.

-Bart has the attention span of a fruit fly(not really, but it seeeeeeemmmms liiiiiiiiikkkkkkeeeee iiiiiiiiiittttttttt).


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