Welcome   To   The   Impulsive   Pics

These are a few Pics of Bart and Friends, such as Flash, Max Mercury, etc. I'll add em as I see em! Enjoy!

Bart Skidding Your way!!
Bart in action
Bart in a nice action pic
The cover of Bart's first ISSUE
I have a signed edition of this, by Waid and Ramos
a pic of Bart's cousin, Jenni
A pic of Bart's "loving" mentor Max Mercury
The Flash
A pic of Bart's older Cousin, Wally West a.k.a the Flash
Bart's Dad and Aunt
An old school pic of Bart's Dad and Aunt
Barry Allen
A pic of Bart's Grandfather, the 2nd Flash!
Jesse Quick
A Pic of Bart's bud, Jesse Quick