Summary of Impulse no.1

"The Single Synapse Theory"

By Waid, Ramos, Faucher

New Characters Intoduced

Preston- Preston, who remains Bart's friend throughtout the series. This is his 1st appearence.

First mention of Carol, yet she does not appear.


The book starts out at a missle testing site, where Impulse is running through. The missle picks up on Bart, and Bart says "cool" and decides to race it. A super type testing car(I dunno) is moving in Bart's path and Bart vibrates through it. The missle hits the car, and it explodes. The guys who were testing the car run out wondering what happend. Impulse rushes up and checks on of the men's watch, and rushes off to school. Bart is then in school, and is introduced to the class. Bart takes his seat in the back of the class, in back of Preston. Bart is the made to write a biography of himself, and he does, and his origin is retold. When he goes home, Max rips the biography assignment apart and tells Bart to write it over(Bart writes about that he is the Flash's cousin, etc.). Max sends Bart to investigate the missle test sight after the discover headline in newspaper pretaining to it. Impulse wanders into a dark room, and is then cornered by many armed men, with infrared lasers trained on him.


Impulse #2


By Waid, Ramos, and Faucher

New Characters Introduced

Principal Sheridan- Bart's "hip" Principal makes his first appearence here.


This issue left off where the last issue ended, with Bart in the room with the guns trained on him. Bart easily and quickly defeats the hired goons after he steals on of their night vision goggles. He escapes, and thne informs Max about what has happend. Max decides to go check out the warehouse for himself, and tells Bart to finish writing his autobiography, but Bart falls asleep. The next day during school, Bart remembers that he forgot to write his autobiography, and with super speed, he "improvises" and finishes his essay. When his teacher reads the essay (he used stories from various video games to write his assignment), she sends Bart to the Principal's office. There Bart meets Principal Sheridan for the 1st time. Sheridan takes a liking to Bart and lets him go, unscathed. After school Max tells Bart about the warehouse, which was stripped clean. Max then tells Bart to warn Nordstrom, who is the owner of the hovercraft(which is going to be destroyed by a missle). Bart sets out and warns Nordstrom, and discovers the identity of the man who wants to destroy the hovercraft. The man, Beaumont, discovers Bart and then tries to destroy the tank with the missle, while he and his goons try to kill Nordstrom. Bart catches the bullets, outruns the missle, and takes out Beaumont's goons. Bart then captures Beaumont. Nordstrom thanks Bart and tells Bart he owes him a favor, and Bart runs off to home, where he has to write his autobiography......AGAIN