Sorry, No Cover photo for this month's issue, my scanner's down. Next issue, I will have a cover for you!
Impulse #38

This Month, Bart, Max, and the entire town of Manchester deal with the results of a freak snow storm in the form of a Huge Flood. Can the town pull together to help prevent their homes from being destroyed? By the Great team of Loebs and Rouseeau!

Side Notes: I enjoyed this issue! It was serious and fun all at the same time, with Bart trying as hard as he can to save his town. Another solid issue from William Messner-Loebs and Craig Rousseau. It's good to see some seriousness from time to time in the book. Well, our prayers for a Villain have been answered, because next month the Trickster Returns!!

Review of Impulse: Reckless Youth

Impulse: Reckless Youth is the first ever Impulse Trade Paperback! It contains the issues Flash#92-94, and IMPULSE# 1-6. It goes over The very first Appearnce of Bart and his subsequent adventures. It contains an Introduction by Mark Waid's co writer of Flash, Brian Augustyn, A GREAT Cover of Impulse running past Max and Wally by Huberto Ramos, and a cover gallery. It's a great read for us full Fledged Bart fans and it's a great pick up for those of you who are now starting to read the adventures of Impulse. It costs $14.95, and is a must have for all Impulse fans.

Creative Talents: Mark Waid(Yeah!!!!!!) Huberto Ramos(Yeah, but I don't miss him that much on the book, Rousseau is the man!) Carlos Pacheco Mike Wieringo(YES! He draws a great Flash and a DAMN GOOD SpiderMan) Wayne Faucher(Hell of an inker) Jose Marzan, Jr. Tom McCraw Gina Going Chris Eliopoulos Gaspar Kevin Cunningham

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