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Young   Justice

APRIL 29th-  Young Justice: The Secret #1   Meet the heroes who will, in the
  not-too-distant future, form the DC  Universe's newest super-team --
  Young Justice! Impulse, Superboy and  Robin are interrogated about a strange
  being they've just encountered. The  youthful heroes may be responsible for
  releasing a mysterious female from the  clutches of the Department of
  Extranormal Operations (as seen in the  pages of CHASE). But is The Secret
  that the DEO's been keeping a deadly  threat -- or just an innocent girl?

Credit: Nik Stanoscheck
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Mark Waid NOT Returning to Impulse!

In an interview with my Partner Site, DCU: Next Generation, Brian Augustyn, Mark Waid's writing partner, said that Waid will NOT return to Impulse. Credit: Sean Taylor ********************************************************************** Craig Rousseau has said that Bart's hair will return in Issue 41's fill in story, "The Return Of Arrowette". Thank God! Credit: Sean Taylor ********************************************************************** There's a Lot of goings on in the World of Young Justice!!! On April 29th the first Young Justice book, YOUNG JUSTICE: THE SECRET #1 will hit the stands. My partner sites, DCU: Next Generation, And The Unofficial SuperBoy WebSite Have LOADS of information on Young Justice, as well as scans of JLA: World Without Adults, which has the appeearence of Arrowette's New Costume! Go check these pages out now! ********************************************************************** The Impulse Shrine Has gained a partner! That's right, as stated above, the Impulse Shrine is now a partner site of the DCU: NG website!!! Also with this great news, I am pleased to announce that the IMPULSE SHRINE will be getting a new revamped look! The new look pages are about 40% done, and they will be ready by the end of May, maybe even sooner!!!! Keep on the look out!

Peter   David   and   Young   Justice!

Peter David will be writing the adventures of Impulse, SuperBoy, and Robin in Young Justice! Good Luck Peter!

Credit: Sean Taylor